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Manuel Rivera

August 6, 1953 - January 18, 2023
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Manuel Henriquez

July 24, 1943 - January 13, 2023
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Raymond Alan Wadkins

May 26, 1968 - January 7, 2023
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James Smith

April 21, 1938 - January 7, 2023
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Minnie Clark

August 30, 1925 - January 3, 2023
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Minnie Minton Clark was born on August 30, 1925, in St. Petersburg, Florida. Having lived for so many years, you can only imagine the stories that I could tell you. But, I would have to write a book. As a young girl, she liked helping her mom prepare meals. She was the oldest so helping her mom was more of a treat than a chore since she got to sample all of the desserts. She recalled riding

Carmen Dolores Jusino Gonzalez Torres

April 1, 1928 - December 25, 2022
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Benito Cruz

May 15, 1926 - December 22, 2022
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Camilo Maury

December 15, 1931 - December 18, 2022
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Camilo Maury was born 6/15/1930 and died peacefully on 12/18/2022. He was 92 years of age. He was a very kind gentle man and was loved by many. In his early years he worked as a shoemaker and then worked as a doorman at “The Jefferson”located at 55 East 9th Street in NYC. During his off time he was an avid gardener and would spend hours taking care of his plants. He is survived by his loving w

James Lee Davis

July 24, 1995 - December 16, 2022
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James Davis was born in New York City on July 24,1995. He passed away on December 16, 2022 at the age of 27.   He was a devoted son and brother. During his younger/childhood years, James was described as friendly, energetic and loving. He was always “on the go” with his rosy cheeks and sweet smile.  James exhibited a special charm from the start.  James knew at the age of 7 that he

Aida Rivas

September 15, 1951 - December 8, 2022
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