Simple and Affordable Caskets for Cremation…

We have several options to choose from

Along with the choice of cremation come several options. For many people, having a period of viewing, a gathering, or simply a few brief moments to say goodbye in one of our visitation rooms, is a personal (yet well-liked) choice that precedes cremation.

Our cremation and alternative caskets are designed to be simple and affordable. Further, our selection of cremation containers is clean-lined and unpretentious in construction and appearance. They are handsomely manufactured, devoid of any metal hardware, handles, hinges or sealing mechanisms. Whether you prefer a hardwood, veneer, fiberboard or merely reinforced cardboard, our selection has been honed in on the varied desires of this community.

If you decide to have a private, half-hour viewing or a more formal, public viewing, remember our cremation products will offer wise options, as well as, affordable sensitivity.

When considering cremation, bear in mind that a gathering, with your loved one present, provides an opportunity to have important, personal closure, while still honoring the wish of cremation. This option is many times a popular and preferred solution to a direct, no service cremation.


Simple Cremation

There are lots of options when it comes to cremation, including memorial services and more.

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