Obituary of Robert R. Hendrick

March 12, 2024

My Dear Friends,
The Heavens are shining brightly these days for we have lost a beautiful soul. Robert Raymond Hendrick passed on March 12th, 2024. Robert was born in North Carolina but spent much of his childhood in the sunny climate of San Diego. Upon graduation, he took to the skies and flew for TWA and then American Airlines. In his off time, he worked part time with the New York Road Runners.

Not enough words, can describe what a great man he was. His actions will speak louder than words. One such moment that comes to mind, was after a NYRR event, a runner was limping home, he turned towards her and said “lean on me,” as they continued to walk, he continued saying “lean on me,” he stayed with her throughout her subway ride home. Always saying “lean on me.”

As a flight attendant, he always had a warm and genuine smile as he greeted the passengers. He always had the passenger’s comfort in mind, either providing that extra beverage or telling a story to brighten the mood, or doing whatever it takes. This did not go unnoticed and he had an airplane dedicated in his honor for such exemplary service.

Rob was an extraordinary man, who will be greatly missed. We love him so much!

Shine on, Shine bright and Forever keep Shining. We love you dearly.

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Rob was just the best. He had the kindest heart, but was also wickedly funny, possessed of an intelligent snark that was NEVER mean but always hit the target. He was deeply philosophical, compassionate, poetic and deep, and there was not a more fun person with whom to travel the world. I will miss my friend and I know I share that sadness with so many people, because Rob was truly loved.

Posted by: Jeanne Gibbons - New York City, NY - Friend March 16, 2024

What a fantastic and kind person. So sorry he had to leave so soon. A loss for not only everyone he knew, but so many others whose lives he has touched.

Posted by: Martin Rieder - Miami Beach, FL - Friend March 17, 2024

You have left an indelible mark on my life Rob. Thank you for showing me how to rise above the mundane and reach for the divine. Shine on.

Posted by: Yvonne Perano - Athens, TX - Friend March 17, 2024

Rob....very very special. His name on a crew list was always the guarantee of a wonderful, pleasant, and loads of fun trip. His wicked sense of humor was delightful. I will remember many trips with Rob with great fondness. R i.p. dearest Rob. Lots of love to you

Posted by: Monica Lane - Midland , MI - Friend March 18, 2024

Rob, like a gentle giant you had an aura of care, calm, kindness & strength. You have left the world too soon but a far better place. Soar high Sweet Sky Brother. Forever in our Hearts. ?????

Posted by: Shari Graves - Danbury , Ct - Friend March 18, 2024

Rob was a very special person. Always warm and caring to those he met. My first time meeting Rob was under some difficult circumstances that were affecting us both, but even in that difficult time, he was reaching out to ensure that those around him were taken cared of, not thinking about himself and his worries. He was always thinking of others and would call with the warmest birthday greetings each year. One time, I was traveling for work and on my way back to New York City, I boarded a flight that Rob was working. It was quite a surprise for us both! He greeted me warmly and introduced me to all of his co-workers working the flight as his brother-in-law. I hadn't really thought about it before then, but he was indeed a brother-in-law to me, not just a person my sibling was seeing. It showed how important I was to him, I was family. I regret that I didn't have more time to learn more about Rob and to see what his life would hold. I regret that his time on Earth was so short-lived. I regret that more people will not be able to experience the positivity and joy that was Rob. One thing I don't regret though was having Rob as a part of my life. Shine on brother-in-law, shine on!

Posted by: Anthony Matthews - Miami Beach, FL - Family March 18, 2024

I'll always remember Rob's quiet spirit, humility and that sheepish smile. You will be missed my friend.

Posted by: Shirley Harrington - Bayside, New York - Friend March 19, 2024

Rob was a delight to work with. I always knew the trip would be wonderful when he was part of the crew. Such a classy guy.

Posted by: merry larson - West Long Branch, New Jersey - Friend March 19, 2024

RIP, Rob. You are one of the kindest and most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Always upbeat and ready to help.years could go by and we could just pick up where we left off. You will be so missed??????

Posted by: Donna Rogers - Lake St Louis, MO - Friend March 20, 2024

Such a kind, gentle, soft spoken man! Always a great hugger when we saw each other! I will miss you !!

Posted by: Deborah Walter - Columbiana, OH - Coworker March 20, 2024

I met Rob shortly after completing our Flight Attendant training at Trans World Airlines. His friendship has been a cherished gift over the years. His positivity and genuine kindness always lifted spirits. I will miss you dearly, my friend. Blessings to your soul.

Posted by: Roslyn Bader - Colorado Springs, CO - Friend March 21, 2024

For years, I proudly claimed Rob as my work-husband. It was a long distance arrangement as, except for a few exceptions, he was NY based and I was in TX. Rob's friendship was a true gift. His professionalism was legendary. His humor and booming laugh, infectious. I loved our phone chats. I would plan our chats for my road trips. We were chatting when I got turned around in the darkness driving some unmarked back roads and Rob would not get off the phone until he was satisfied I was safely back on track. He was my dedicated study-buddy for our yearly recurrent training. While based in NY, Rob would take me along on his neighborhood errands. It was winter and we were in Costco trying on long puffy winter coats. Rob channeled his former ballet days and, puffy coat swirling, turned a beautiful plie' followed by that big laugh. Not to be outdone, I hiked up my coat and did cartwheels down the aisle. He plied and I wheeled down the aisle like 2 big kids. I loved his whimsy. Rob was the most caring, genuine, loving man with a true wit and appreciation for humor. His many many stories of "Rob events" are wonderfully entertaining. I usually ended our phone calls by urging Rob to "share those stories and write that book!" Fly high, sweet friend. You were one of the best and are dearly missed.

Posted by: Sherry Brown - Dripping Springs, TX - Friend March 22, 2024

I honestly had to catch my breath after I heard of Rob’s passing. God actually took the finest man on earth. I met Rob at TWA, and we had the most amazing flights together. Of course, everyone loved him and he was an inspiration. Nothing ever rattled him. He put up with so much and just smiled. Such a people pleaser. I always wanted to buddy bid With him because he was so professional.. I can’t describe how much I loved being around him. I will remember him till the day I die and then I hope I can hold hands with him in heaven.

Posted by: Paige Shand - Los Gatos, California - Friend March 22, 2024

It was such a pleasure working with and knowing you.Your kindness made me a better person. You have done so much good for so many people, those acts of kindness can never be forgotten. Rest In Peace, my dear friend.

Posted by: Allene Scott Abd’ Allah - Dallas, Texas - Coworker March 22, 2024

I first met Rob at TWA Breech academy. We were in the same graduating class, and I met Rob in the Gym working out. He immediately came over introduced himself and coached me on how to use the weights properly for ultimate effect.We began flying together quite a bit and I witnessed this very same helpful attitude all throughout any flight we worked together.i will always recall him, and smile. Rob was indeed an earthly angel, who God has called back home. May you soar in Paradise my dear sweet friend, until we meet again.??

Posted by: Deborah Cuthbertson - NY, NY - Coworker March 22, 2024

Rob, my dear brother, your love will always be with me. You will live on in the choice I have yet to make, along the journey i have left to walk. I remain a better son, a father and a friend to others. Your mind has touched mine like a “Gift from the Gods.”

Posted by: Hank Matallana - San Francisco, CA - Friend March 22, 2024

My dear true friend I didn’t hear from you I. Awhile, but now I know that heaven should be so happy to received you because you were always an angel on this earth; I will miss you ???

Posted by: Duvan A. Prado - New York, NY - Friend March 22, 2024

Rob was a fabulous flight attendant and I will miss him dearly! I loved hearing about his volunteer adventures with NY runners. I enjoyed his letter writing stories so much too!

Posted by: Barbara Vandehei - Ivoryton, CT - Friend April 2, 2024