Obituary of Cedric R. Toon

December 23, 2023

Cedric Romell Toon, 63, born 10/29/1960 in Brooklyn, NY, died 12/23/2023.

Cedric, affectionately known as “Ceddy”, “Hon”, “Snake”, and  “Kiss”, loved the Lord, family, music, sports and life. His mother, Lois Rachel Toon, died three months after his birth. His biological father is Earley Eugene Toon, Sr.  Cedric was called “Kiss” by his family because of his "plump, juicy, cute, kissable cheeks", as described by his brother Sir Earl Toon, Jr. The fourth and last child of his biological parents, was subsequently relocated to North Carolina with his older siblings. Cedric was mainly raised by his grandmother, Rosalee Toon Canady, older siblings that lived in the same household, Sir Earl Toon, Jr., Tanya, and Contessa, and the rest of his Havelock, NC village, including great grandparents, great aunts, great uncles, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

He graduated from Havelock High School in Havelock, NC, and continued to learn throughout his life. He especially loved learning about his family‘s history.  Gatherings with family and friends were essential to Cedric. He would have all eyes on him when he spoke of family history and associated life values. A clear testament to his love of the Lord and family was revealed when he reminded us all about what Grandma Rosalee and other elders would "say".  Appropriately and impeccably, he then quoted biblical scriptures to substantiate the premise.

Cedric performed as a musician professionally from elementary school on, where he was often mistaken for being older due to his excellence and maturity in both performance and stage presence. He performed at many local and private events in NC. His main band won an award for "Battle of the Bands", and performed on the televised Jerry Lewis Labor Day telethon to support Muscular Dystrophy.  He also performed as the youngest of two lead singers with The Sophisticated Brothers, and enhanced and sang background vocals on the band Motivation’s album. Cedric's grandmother, Rosalee, created and designed most of his dazzling costumes for his professional performances during his elementary school years.  He provided background vocals for many artists during his high school years and young adulthood, including Miami Vice star Phillip Michael Thomas's song "Somebody” on the album of the same name, as well as for the world renowned song “Celebration” by Kool & the Gang on the Celebrate album. Thereafter, he was acknowledged to receive gold and platinum albums. Cedric achieved many other accolades as a result of his musical talent.  He served as a medical worker at New York Hospital (NYH) and then worked for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) between musical engagements.

Cedric always knew a lot about sports. Years prior to his passing, he became more involved with little leagues, and increased his support of many local and professional teams including the NY Yankees and Jets when in New York. He would also wear his NY Yankees hat when in Texas, especially during sport functions, but was of course a dedicated Longhorn fan as well. This was quite a dichotomy which often prompted many comical exchanges. 

He was also writing and hoped to produce a one man show about his life. The full evening length Broadway production would incorporate his many talents including humor, story-telling, and exceptional vocals. He was clever and filled to the brim with knowledge gained throughout his life experiences. All of these attributes would have made for a highly successful production!

Cedric is survived by his lovely wife, Yvonne, his most loyal and dedicated fan, friend, partner and confidant whom he met in New York and vowed that he would stay with her for the rest of his life.  

He is survived by his biological children from his first wife Pamela; a son, Cedric Romell Toon, II and his family, Caiden Nathaniel Toon and Isaiah Charles, and his daughter Trezchèr (Cedric’s spelling) Rachel Toon.  

He is also survived by his father Earley Eugene Toon, Sr., brother Sir Earl Toon, Jr., and his wife Carla Harrell Toon, and sister Tanya Chanatez Tirado, and her children Tiarra Toon-Frazier, and Rondellte Frazier. His loving sister, Contessa Jaurodi Spencer preceded him in death, but is survived by his brother-in-law Richard Clyde Spencer, Sr. and their children Denapalee Star Spencer, Richard Clyde Spencer, Jr., Johnnie Eugene Spencer, David Samuel Spencer and their families. He is also survived by his maternal uncle, Gifford Jean Jarmond, paternal uncle, Irving Hill, and many other half siblings, in-laws, great nieces, great nephews, nieces, nephews and cousins. 

He will be missed by all including his many NYH and MTA colleagues and friends who called him “Toon”. Cedric was a natural comedian who could make you laugh until tears rolled down your cheeks.  However, if you needed him, he was fully committed.

Cedric’s wish to be cremated was fulfilled. His desired memorial service will take place around his next birthday. There will be a celebration of life gathering. Announcement of the private event will be made with details to follow.

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I am a good friend of Cedric's wife Yvonne, I only met Cedric a few times. Each of those times, I noticed 3 things, he was a sharp dresser, he was funny and he loved my friend Yvonne as she did him. I got to know things about Cedric, through the conversations, Yvonne and I had, she was always relaying what Cedric said or thought about different topics or situations. There was always love and laughter in her voice when she mentioned him. For this I was very happy, she had found her person & vice a versa. As time passes, may Yvonne's grief lessen until a joy & contentment, remains with all the good times, Cedric and her had, and experienced. These two were blessed... May Cedric sleep in peace. ?????

Posted by: Melinda Walker - Bronx, NY - Acquaintance January 17, 2024

Wishing the family peace and comfort in these difficult Times. We will keep the family in our prayers.

Posted by: Ramon, Marcy and Marcel Nelson - Willingboro, NJ - Family January 18, 2024

Cedric my dear cousin- a gentle being with a great silky voice. I will forever cherish your beautiful smile and innate musical talent extraordinaire. So glad we shared countless discussions and laughs especially those treasured moments with my Dad. I recall so fondly when you introduced us to Yvonne and so happy for the divine love you both shared. Yvonne dwell on the happiness and know that Cedric’s love for you is eternal. Cousin well done; SIP??

Posted by: Cenceria Edwards - Brooklyn , NY - Family January 19, 2024

I am blessed to have known Cedric through working with him and Yvonne here in Austin. I always enjoyed and looked forward to our visits. Cedric’s spirit was so warm and welcoming. He exuded joy for all things. Together they felt more like family than clients. So caring and loving to those they encountered. Very blessed to have known Cedric and praying that the memories you all share with him will comfort you during times of sadness.

Posted by: Suzy Saxton - Austin, TX - Friend January 19, 2024

I have so many fond memories of Uncle Cedric, so many funny moments. It was never a dull moment because, he was just one of those ppl that could make anyone laugh. He made sure ever encounter with him was going to leave an impression. I remember when my family and I visited New York when I was a teenager, we were taking our luggage out of the taxi. The hotel we were staying in was in the middle of a side street, and the traffic was not stopping so we could cross. So Uncle Cedric took it upon himself to stand in the middle of the road and stop traffic so we could cross safely. Even though the person in the car that he stopped started to cuss at him, so he ended up cussing them out in return. Unique moments like that will be forever in my memories of Uncle Cedric, he will be forever missed.

Posted by: Zena Foreman - , - Family January 20, 2024

Cedric was such an outgoing person. He loved to talk and keep you laughing. I remember him being in the mirror making sure his hair was right. He will truly be missed. Thanks to him, I met is wonderful wife. My friend. ??

Posted by: Rita Tyler - Brooklyn , NY - Friend January 22, 2024

1975-( we were only 15 years old) in Harlowe, NC at Ms Rosalee Toon's residence. His sister Contessa & I were in a Miss Tri-county pageant together. We (some of the contestants) had a meeting in his grandmother's dinning room. Cedric walked in from mowing the lawn and introduced himself. He also sang in the sophisticated brothers band along with my uncle Douglas Stancil. We have always been the very best of friends! I will always cherish that! As we often said to each other when communicating at the end of each conversation...AH-AW!! Rest well my Beautiful friend! <3

Posted by: Bridgette Barnes - Yardley, PA/NJ - Family January 23, 2024

My friend, i enjoyed all our conversations, he was a very nice person always happy i will miss you. I'll be praying for your wife and family may God give them strength to go through all that pain.

Posted by: Martin Guardado - Austin , Texas - Friend January 29, 2024

Miss you Cedric! Had the pleasure of knowing you in Austin and got to share many great dinners, drinks, and great laughs with you and the rest of our 555 crew. Thank you for being a great friend.

Posted by: Alex Smith - Austin, Texas - Friend February 2, 2024