Obituary of Ava Mairead Conklin

June 24, 2023

In Loving Memory of Ava Mairead Conklin

Ava Mairead Conklin, beloved daughter of Chrissy Collins and Matt Conklin, tragically passed away on June 24,2023. She was a cherished sister to Gabriella, Peyton, Emma, Hudson, and Dylan. Ava brought immeasurable joy and love to her family, including her grandparents Bobby and Kelly Collins, Kathleen Savino, and Matty Conklin, as well as her numerous aunts, uncles,  great aunts , great uncles and cousins.

Ava's radiant spirit and kind nature touched the lives of all who knew her. Her capacity to love knew no bounds, as she had a heart filled with affection for everyone and everything around her. Music was her solace, with a special fondness for artists like Mac Miller and the Gorillaz. Thrift shopping and exploring new destinations were among her passions, as she had a vibrant sense of adventure and an appreciation for life's simple pleasures.

Above all, Ava treasured her friends and family, prioritizing quality time with them. She had an uncanny ability to create lasting memories and foster deep connections. Recently completing her first year of college, Ava held aspirations of becoming a psychologist, driven by her innate desire to understand and help others. She also has a love for the Broadway arts.

As we mourn the loss of Ava Mairead Conklin, let us also celebrate the remarkable person she was and the love she brought into our lives. Her memory will forever resonate within our hearts, and her bright spirit will continue to inspire us as we navigate life without her physical presence.

The visitation will be held on Wednesday, June 28 at Crestwood Funeral Home. We extend our deepest condolences to all who were touched by Ava's beautiful soul and offer our support during this difficult time.

Forever remembered, forever missed. Rest in peace, dear Ava.

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June 28, 2023

3:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Crestwood Funeral Home

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New York, NY 10036

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Funeral Mass

June 29, 2023

10:30 am

Sacred Heart of Jesus Roman Catholic Church

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Ava was my great niece. We always found a mutual ground to talk about our curly hair and when she started hostessing before going back to college we shared many interesting stories about dealing with the public and had many laughs. She was beautiful on the outside from the day she was born, but grew into a lovely young woman with dreams and aspirations. Her love for the performing arts and her talent was immeasurable. I can only trust in my faith that God had better plans for her. Watch over your family Ava. May you sleep with the angels and know that you are never forgotten. Love Uncle Michael and Aunt Fran

Posted by: Frances Cassola-Collins - North bergen, Nj - Family June 25, 2023

Ava and I were suitemates, but more than even living together we shared a stage as part of the theater club. I remember almost bumping into her in our shared bathroom and 20 minutes later, still standing next to the stall, I convinced her to join our club and act with us. And 8 months later, we all wrote our names together to memorialize the show we had just poured our hearts into. She was someone who you knew you’d remember the first time you met her and left an impact on so many more people than anyone could probably realize.

Posted by: Brianna Orben - Lyndonville, VT - Classmate June 25, 2023

My sincerest condolences on such a tragic loss. My thoughts, prayers and love are with Chrissy and Holly and the entire family.

Posted by: Sam Rosado - Staten Island, NY - Family Friend June 25, 2023

This beautiful girl lives in my memories as a sweet kind soulful and loyal friend. My heart is broken that we’ve lost her so soon- there are no words. I will always remember her smile and her gorgeous hair- but mostly how gentle and peaceful she was. A beautiful young woman- inside and out.

Posted by: Michelle Best - New York, NY - Friend June 25, 2023

I can’t choose just one memory because every memory with her is my favorite. All of our sleepovers consisted of laughter and jokes that only we would find funny. She was always making weird noises, facial expressions and accents that would send me into hysterical laughter. She would always make my day better just by being present. Having the after school naps together during our high school years was my favorite thing because we would play a movie or talk and just drift to sleep for a couple of hours. She was always there for me no matter the day, time or distance. I love you Ava

Posted by: Mina Mihajlova - New York, New York - Family June 25, 2023

The first time I met Ava she was walking to the theatre at NVU Lyndon in front of me. She was arguing on the phone with someone about the meaning of the phrase “break a leg”. Upon getting to the theatre I realized she was there to audition for the fall production of Sleepy Hollow. I began talking to her and had an amazing conversation about theatre and her working in theaters in New York City. I learned quite a bit about theatre and dance from her in my time with her as a member of the Twilight Players. She brought so much energy and passion to the Twilight Players club and was a great friend. I will miss her and all the joy she brought to NVU Lyndon.

Posted by: Brett Violett - , Rhode Island - Friend June 25, 2023

You are my shining star We will love you forever and ever I would give my life over and over again to hold you tight and to hear you beautiful voice I don’t know why you were taken from us I will never understand I’m sorry Ava I love you I will miss calling you whenever our song came on or you calling me for the same reason Our little chats and listening to music You made us all so proud of the moman you were becoming Bringing nothing but positive energy and happiness Forever in my broken heart my beautiful child I love you daughter and your response would be Love you father

Posted by: Matt Conklin - Broad Channel, NY - Father June 26, 2023

I never had the honor of meeting Ava but I saw beautiful pictures and videos of her. She was a beautiful girl and very talented. Any stranger can tell she was a good girl. My heart breaks for you Chrissy and your family. God has definitely gained an angel. May she rest in peace always.

Posted by: Kathleen Grosskopf - , PA - Friend June 26, 2023

The first time I laid eyes on beautiful Ava Mairead Conklin we were both in the dining hall at NVU Lyndon. She was waiting at the grill and I had just gotten food in a take out box to eat in my dorm room. My eyes met hers and I instantly knew I had to go up to her. I nervously said “whatchu getting from the grill?” She took off her headphones and asked me to repeat myself and then explained she had ordered quesadillas. I was so nervous to talk to such an exceptionally beautiful young women but I mustard up the courage to ask if I could sit and eat with her. We sat in the back corner and we talked for a good two hours about her favorite artists being Mac Miller and the Gorrilaz , a tv show we coincidentally started watching at the same time, and cooking. I later found out she never really cooked but she explained to me she thought it would be funny to make up a character for me. After that conversation, we would lock eyes every time we passed each other in the halls. I saw how deep her soul really went and knew I needed to know everything about her. We would talk about that day in the dining hall months after we started dating. We would both tell each other that we couldn’t believe we were the same people that met at this small college that she went to after seeing an ad. I miss my best friend, my partner in life, and my rock. She was the most caring, passionate, honest, inspiring, loving person I have ever met. She gave me purpose in this life and will continue too. I can’t wait to see her again. I love you Ava -Lucas Paul Hunter

Posted by: Lucas Hunter - Medford , New Jersey - Significant Other June 26, 2023

I remember holding you I. One arm and my daughter in the other! You where about a month old. I had hoped you and Alex would have been forever friends! I just can't believe you are gone.

Posted by: Billie John Delgado - New York, NY - Friend June 26, 2023

I wish I had the privilege of getting to know Ava better. In the little time we spent together, her bright spirit made it clear that she was a loving and kind person. The last time I saw her, we were standing under a scaffolding to avoid a rainstorm and as we talked, I watched her reach out to catch and feel the raindrops in her hands. In this small memory, Ava reminds me to appreciate the beauty in the little things.

Posted by: Tais Torres - New York, New York - Friend June 26, 2023

I have not had the pleasure to meet beautiful Ava but met her mother Chrissy recently this year. Chrissy is a women who is kind who loves with out limits and continues to spread kindness to others. My heart breaks for you Chrissy and your loved ones. You spoke so highly of your daughter and children and as a friend please accept my deepest condolences. The love followed by Ava will always be eternal and please know that as a community we will continue to uplift , support and love those closes to her. Chrissy I can not express the sadness I feel in my heart but just know your a women of strength as your sorrows are just as heart felt. Romans 8:28 "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."

Posted by: Dee Davod - New York, NEW YORK - Family Friend June 26, 2023

I have never met a more loving person who deeply cared for everyone she met. She never failed to put a smile on someone face. When i met ava I never thought we would become so close but I am so glad that we did going to the beach, six flags, or even just the sleepovers and we would talk all night and laugh but try to stay quiet cause everyone was sleep. She will be missed just like when she would make fun of me for liking country music but would end up like every song. She will always be near and dear to all of our hearts and deeply missed. It was an honor to have ever met her let alone have such an impact on me I will forever be grateful. Love you forever and always

Posted by: Nakia Townsend - Camp Lejeune , North Carolina - Friend June 26, 2023

Ava was one of my advisory students at City Knoll Middle School. She was one of 20 girls that stayed together with me for three years - meeting three times a week. I had the honor of watching her light grow brighter and her confidence blossom as she navigated through the challenges of middle school. During that time she was committed to dance and all things Broadway. She was a caring sister to her younger siblings and her mother Chrissy was so unbelievably proud of her. Ava had this beautiful, quiet grace about her. She was one of those kids that you fell in love with - her eyes revealed a deep intellect and kindness. I am angry that the world has lost an incredible soul that still had so much to do, so much joy to be had, and so much love to give. I am devastated for her family, especially her mother. Chrissy, I am so, so sorry. I am grateful that she was a part of my life. I will carry her memory with me. It truly was an honor to have time with her. Ava’s spirit lives on.

Posted by: Julie Taegel - Arlington, VA - Teacher June 26, 2023

To Ava’s family reading this note, you already know this, but Ava was an exceptional young woman. As teachers we meet so many amazing kids, but Ava stands in my memory at the top of the list. She has a rare combined possession of kindness, sweetness, silliness and intellect to boot—a talented writer with a love for music and art that shines through her stories. My heart, thoughts and prayers are with her many family and friends.

Posted by: Kayla Abderholden - New York, NY - Teacher June 26, 2023

I never met Ava but deeply touched by her passing. I’m so sorry and I’m sending prayers to her family. I just know In my heart Ava is with her God in peace , because that’s where beautiful people like Ava go when they leave us. Sleep with the angels my dear. Respect & Love Mike Canosa ????

Posted by: Michael Canosa - Nutley, Nj - Friend June 26, 2023

Ava was a suitemate of mine when I lived on campus. She was a kind and loving person, and had an incredibly welcoming aura for everyone she met. She truly influenced so many people and wasn’t afraid to stand up for and support others, even when she didn’t know them well. I’m so lucky to have met and known her for the brief time that I did, and seen what a beautiful soul she possessed. My heart goes out to those mounting her loss. Rest in peace.

Posted by: Maegon Courville - , Vermont - Friend June 26, 2023

The first time I met Ava my friend and I were taking a bathroom break at a sponsored campus Halloween party. I was dressed as a witch and her a nun. We spent nearly 15 minutes in the bathroom complimenting each others costume and talking about a class we had together. Fast forward to Spring break where I got the chance to really spend quality time with Ava during the psychology abroad trip. With two other classmates, and knowing little to no german, we spent an hour walking in the rain just to see some butterflies in Austria. During a birthday celebration I had a bit too much to drink and found myself getting sick in London. Ava was the only person to come check on me in the bathroom and make sure I was doing okay. We shared a lot of common interests and my job made it difficult for me to allow myself to get close to the younger student body. Ava was the exception. I will greatly miss our banter in the halls and our shared love for adventure. May her heart and soul rest in peace.

Posted by: Renee Chaples - Lyndonville, Vermont - Classmate June 26, 2023

I met Ava at the college. I am a supervisor at the college dining hall. Ava was such a good soul. We always talked about crystals and their meanings. She called me her second hippy mom. She always had a smile on her face. My heart is breaking for all her family and friends. I'm going to miss this young lady so much. When she came back from Ireland she gave me three little stones from a beach knowing that my ancestors were from there. I will cherish them always. They say things happen for a reason but I will never understand why but I'm so glad that I got to know Ava. You are all in my thoughts and prayers

Posted by: Tammy Gonyer - Lyndonville , Vermont - Friend June 27, 2023

I have so many memories of Ava,from the first day she was born,but one memory I will always remember was just on Monday 6-26-23 at the candle lighting in honor of Ava.To see so many people show up for the candle lighting was to show you how much she was loved.So many shared their stories about Ava and they were all about how loving,caring,funny,goofy ,how she love acting,singing,painting boy I could go on and on about the type of person she was.She always was their if you needed a friend to talk to or even listen to .But last night she was with us in spirit cause their were so many signs she was with us. This was such a tragedy to all us.But she will always be the shining star in our eyes ! R.I.P. AVA GIRL ! We will always love and hold you in our hearts forever,love Titi Josie&uncle Pat

Posted by: Josie Huertas - New York , New York - Family Friend June 27, 2023

I had never met Ava but she was very intertwined with many friends I had from Queens. We shared many mutual friends. Often times I would see my friends post this beautiful girl who you could just tell had this light to her. Even from a picture this living light spread love and you could just tell she was meant for so much more in this life. To be so highly spoken for, you just know a person like that would leave a mark on the world and that was exactly what she did. Although I do not personally know Ava I know that she was insanely cherished and valued by those around her. She had an aura that radiated and a heart that made people want to do better. God had picked his angel and wanted her sooner than anyone could imagine. She deserved so much more. I send all my prayers and condolences to the Conklin family.

Posted by: Arianna Afrin - New York, New York - Acquaintance June 27, 2023

Ava and I met when we were in Rosie’s Theater Kids. We began to bond over a few rehearsals and from there, the rest was history. Our friendship very quickly became a sisterhood. We confided in each other about our deepest thoughts and laughed over the most stupidest things. Ava and I had sleepovers that would result in me walking her to school, and her then picking me up from school and the pattern continued. We say we have a big sister - little sister relationship, however despite being older, I always felt like Ava was my older sister. She was wise beyond her years and taught me so much about patience, guidance, and the importance of remaining grounded through it all. I admired her. She inspired me. I was fortunate enough to spend Ava’s prom day with her, a day I will never forget. I spent the whole day with her as she prepared for big night, and was surprised (and a little nervous) when she asked me to do her make-up. I am so honored that she asked me to do that for her, and more especially honored to share her beauty and spirit that day with her family. I will always be your sister. Until we meet again, I can’t wait to give you your next piggy back ride.

Posted by: Mimi Ambroise - New York, NY - Friend June 27, 2023

Chrissy, Sending you my sincerest condolences. Adam (at the Booth)

Posted by: Adam Kreiselman - New York , New York - Coworker June 28, 2023

I wish I could give you one more hug Ava. The last time I saw her, I was at her Dad's house in Far Rockaway. We were in the hot tub and discussing whether or not we would go to a High School reunion. She said to me "I'll go if you go" and I told her the same. She said it would be a funny but cool experience. Yesterday the TU class of 2021 met up in the Musical Theatre room for you Ava. We played all your favorite songs and I know you were right there with us. I know you were watching over us and laughing at everyone. You are an inspiration to all Ava and we will celebrate your life forever. Thank you for being a light in my life.

Posted by: Rachael Girsang - Queens, New York - Friend June 28, 2023

I remember when I first met Ava and I immediately knew that this was somebody unlike any other. She was always so kind and so funny and so relatable. I’ll miss making SpongeBob references with you, and talking about Impractical Jokers with you. You always had my back and I’ll forever have yours. Love you and miss you so much Ava.

Posted by: Jordan Batista - New York, NY - Friend June 28, 2023

I only met Ava last year, We shared a few classes together at NVU. She was a beautiful person, so much energy, so caring. She reminded me of my youngest daughter so much. Every time she walked in to a classroom, it seemed as though everyone cheered up. She was one of the few students who approached me when I was suffering with my own pains. I looked forward to seeing her again in class. Watching her with her boyfriend Lucas, they were so happy and full of life. She will be dearly missed. My sympathies and condolences to her family and everyone who knew her. Psalm 34:18 "The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves crushed in spirit"

Posted by: Daniel Bailey - Lyndonville, Vermont - Friend June 28, 2023

Chrissy, I am sending you and your entire family blessings during this difficult time. I was unable to make it through that incredible line, but even witnessing such an outpouring proves how loved you are in our community, and how much Ava impacted so many lives.

Posted by: Joseph Pittman - Keyport, NJ - Friend June 28, 2023