Obituary of Orlando (Dino) Carafa

August 18, 2022

October 22,1960-August 18, 2022

Orlando “Dino” Carafa passed away on August 18, 2022 at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City after a short lived journey with cancer. He was born on October 22, 1960 in Matera, Italy to Paola Tarasco and Angelo Carafa. He was the third born of four children.

Dino immigrated to the United States in 1984 after having lived in Italy, London, Germany, Switzerland and France. From an early age, he was fiercely independent and driven in all aspects of his life; Including pursuing his professional endeavors.

He began his career in modeling in his early 20s which expanded to a career in acting that culminated in his casting in a major film in the United States and completion of multiple modeling assignments in the 1990s.

Following his modeling career, he continued to work in the restaurant industry where he excelled in all the positions he held and was proud of his skills and experience as a waiter, Team Leader, supervisor, manager and bartender at premium dining establishments in New York City during his illustrious 35 year career.

He was an extremely dedicated and loyal professional who remained committed to his work obligations right up until the very last days of his life. He took pride in being a multi-faceted professional, where his love and passion for cooking, baking and fine dining became a central part of the life he shared with his wife, Carolina.

Dino had an uncanny ability for language acquisition resulting in his mastery of multiple languages and becoming fluent in English, Spanish, French and conversational German, in addition to his native Italian.

He preferred one-one interaction with others and would become most animated when he shared his life experiences of the times that he lived in the various cities in Europe particularly sharing his special memories of his native and beloved city Matera, Italy. He was recently described  as “ …a kind man, with a big heart and great story teller”.

Dino met Carolina in 1985 at which time their common interests in modeling led to their dating and subsequently marrying in 1989. Since then, the combination of Dino’s expansive knowledge and experience in the restaurant industry, exceptional culinary skills and his appreciation of international cuisines were all complementary ingredients in the recipe that guided the couple's shared enjoyment of fine dining and each other during the course of their marriage.

Dino valued his relationships with his family of origin immensely; Maintaining contact with his parents and traveling to Italy to be with his mother in her final days.  He remained in close contact with his sister Margherita, and was grateful for her prayers and words of hope and encouragement during the course of his illness.

He spoke often of his brother Cosimo, who in addition to being his brother, he considered his friend whom he confided in to receive reassurance and support when confronted with life's many challenges. Dino’s sense of gratitude for his brother’s unwavering support of him throughout his life, despite living many miles apart was a reflection of his deepest held values. He also maintained contact with his nephews Branden and Jasper via FaceTime.

Dino dared to define the meaning of family and friendship in ways that he found to be meaningful and truly authentic; Thus, he established close relationships with few in his sphere. His warmth, and generosity of heart was shared with those family, friends and co-workers.

We will miss Dino’s enthusiasm and passion for cooking, baking, and for “ All Things Fine Dining…”.  But most of all, we’ll miss his drive, self-reliance, self-efficacy and conviction towards living life to the fullest on his own terms.

He is survived by his wife Carolina Beaumont-Carafa, brother Cosimo Carafa, of Los Angeles, sister Margherita Carafa Balestra of Matera, Italy; Brother-in law Guiseppe Sabbatini, nephews Vincenzo Sabbatini, Pasquale Sabbatini, Branden Carafa-DeRicci, Jasper Carafa-DeRicci, niece Giulia Sabbatini and great niece Raffaella Esposito.

He was preceded in death by his mother, Paola Tarasco, father, Angelo Carafa and brother, Salvatore Carafa.

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