Obituary of Lois Mawby

August 28, 2020

Lois Jean Mawby March 26th 1943—August 28th 2020
Lois was born in Hempstead New York to parents, Thelma and Frank Mawby. She grew up on Long Island and after college moved
to New York City where she spent the rest of her life. She loved living in New York City. She loved the many different people and
friends that she saw and came know in her day to day. Lois had many creative interests and talents. She had a beautiful singing
voice and loved music. She was a talented photographer and wrote poetry. Lois enjoyed volunteering for the Adult Literacy
program at the New York Public library as a teacher. She is predeceased by her parents and loving partner of 40 years, Carol
Johnson. Lois leaves her older sister, Carol Hannum, her three nieces, Teo, Aze and Eve Hannum, her grand niece, Calla and grand
nephew Milo. We will miss her warm smile, her sense of humor, her kindness and her dear heart.

Something's missing.....what is it?
Not a bureau Not a rug. My hands
They move and my legs they walk
My breath leaves me in normal sighs
The eyes blink with all the proper
Biological rhythms and yet.......
My being escapes me and yearns like
The sea from the sand for that gift:
one which is not given or received
Although it seems now gone, I know
That I was once the sole possessor of
The bud whose blossom is seen by few.
—Lois Mawby
Poem, 1963

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Dear Lois,

I miss you!
I think about you every day.


Posted by: Teo - Seattle, WA - October 9, 2020

It's hard not being able to call you anymore.

Posted by: Aze Hannum - Seattle, WA - October 11, 2020

I just learned of your passing, dear friend. I have my memories of our wonderful Thanksgivings and Christmases in Sayville. I know you are resting in peace as you deserve nothing else. My best regards to the Bird.❤

Posted by: Rosemary Nixon - Sayville, NY - February 12, 2021