Obituary of Ms. Susan Doherty

August 24, 2019

Born in Massapequa, New York in 1951, Susan graduated Colorado State University and settled in Manhattan. After a number of years in real estate development, she went on to become a lawyer and eventually worked for the State. She was predeceased by her parents Philip and Marie Doherty and brothers Philip Doherty II and Michael Doherty.
Susan left behind and was the beloved sister of Marilyn Ciccone and Joan Geddes and her husband Steven. She was also the loving aunt of James Ciccone, Philip Doherty II, Michael Doherty II, Amanda Orcutt, Robert Geddes and Kelly Geddes, all of whom she spoiled at every opportunity.
Susan loved adventure and new experiences. She was an accomplished equestrian who enjoyed the times she rode in the St Patrick's Day parade and was a certified scuba diver who spent hours in the water with dear friends in the Florida Keys. Her family and friends remember the many adventures she shared with them, including trips to the Everglades and Keys, the Grand Prix, the Belmont Race Track, skiing in Colorado and Canada, Mardi Gras, Best Buddy fundraisers, Ukrainian Festivals – the list is endless. Most of all, Susan was a caring, generous friend who was willing to support people in any way she could. Those who knew Susan will always remember her kindness.
In addition to the horses she rode, Susan grew up with a love for animals and at various points in life had rabbits, parakeets, parrots, cats and dogs. As an adult she raised her beloved Maltese Beau and left behind her grateful rescue dog, Mitzie. In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation in Susan's name to Bideawee, Best Friends Animal Society or an animal rescue organization of your choice. Friends and relatives are invited to attend a memorial service and share a memory of Susan Tuesday, September 3 from 10:30 AM to 12:30 AM at the Crestwood Funeral Home 445 West 43rd Street, NYC, followed by a graveside service at the St. Charles Cemetery in Farmingdale, Long Island.

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September 3, 2019

10:00 AM to 12:30 PM

Crestwood Funeral Home

445 West 43rd Street

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Susan overheard me discussing the fact that I had no money to buy my textbooks as my student loan had not as yet come in. The next day, when I arrived at work, there was an envelope containing money for me to buy my books. When my loans came through, she refused to accept repayment. She said "Graduate, that will be your repayment"... I graduated. I will be Forever Grateful Susan.

Posted by: Yolanda Flowers - BROOKLYN, NY - August 30, 2019

Farewell my dear friend, Susan, my heart is so broken right now, I just heard of your passing. You always joked that I was like clockwork because I always called on your birthdays to wish you well and one was coming up except this time you are resting in the Lord. Good bye for now until we meet again and condolences to the family.

Posted by: Lorraine Calliste - Oxford, Georgia, - August 31, 2019

Posted by: Susan Lanctot - , - September 1, 2019

May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

Posted by: Donna Lepore - Flushing, NY - September 2, 2019

Dear Susan, Ebony and I will miss you so much. Your smile always brightened our day whenever we saw you. You were always so jovial and uplifting.

Posted by: Luis Ramos - Liverpool, NY - October 3, 2019

Posted by: Ebony Ramos - , - October 4, 2019

I loved Susan, and just found out about her passing from Ebony Ramos. On occasion, as a judge, I felt honored to work with Susan, a kind, gentle, and knowledgable court officer that I felt was my true colleague. At least 2 times a week, when I went to pick up my wife after her shift at Roosevelt Hospital, Susan would be waiting with her little Mitzi and we hung out with my 200 pound St. Bernard. She has always been and now remain in my thoughts. She lived across from Roosevelt and seeing her at work and by Roosevelt was precious. May GOD bless her and keep her.

Posted by: Harold Adler - Bronx, NY - October 7, 2019

My friend Sue,
I love you my dear friend. The word friend is a most important word to means everything to me to have a true friendand Sue was my true friend, a dear friend, my life frienda best and forever friend. I will sorely miss you all the days of my life.
Sue and I were instant friends from the day we met, our freshman year at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. Never a day did I not think that we would be friends forever. We had fun, laughter, secrets and life adventures. Right away, we partied! Dorm parties, dorm pranks, sneaking in after curfew, Log Cabin parties, College Days, Ralley team, Sirs bar, hitchhiking to and from bars, dancing at the Red Onion, share dating adventures, learning about boys, listening to Beatle albums backwards because we were sure Paul was dead and had to find out! We loved pretty clothesSue always had the cutest clothes and tiniest bikinis which she wore very well! We braided our hair across our forehead, wore think black eyeliner, and wore very short pants! We had fun! Oh, yeswe did some studying; we walked to the library to study in the evening, because we heard it was a great place to meet boys! We had so much fun that Sue forgot to do her homework and study for tests! Unfortunately, she was asked to come back a year laterwhen she grew up a little more! She did come back the following year and this time, driving the best car I have ever seen in my Italia!! Sue was hot!! We always talked about the fact she should have kept that car. It was so fun to drive with Sue in that car.especially when we stayed on the road! Years later, Sue would come to visit me in California and drove my former fiance's Ferrari to Palm Springsshe loved it!
Throughout our years, we never lost touch with each other, we would talk 2 or 3 times a year for hours and hours..sharing our life experiences, always laughter, sometimes sadness, listening, consoling, advising, telling our inner most secrets to each, we never failed to get together whether it be in Colorado, New York or California. She was Sue,SuePam, Pam to me and I was Elle Louie to herour nick names for each other, forever. WE WERE THE DEEPEST OF FRIENDS.
A fun story is when we graduated from college. I had changed majors so I graduated at the same time as Sue.which was perfect. We celebrated our graduation with George and our parents. After the graduation ceremony, we went out to a fabulous lunch together.our moms had a little too much champagne.they challenged each other to a swim race! So off we go to Sue's apartment building and our moms changed into their bathing suits and dove into the pool for a race! My mom just edged out Sue's momso funny!
Sue had a great wedding of the best and most fun weddings (besides my ownSue was a bridesmaid for me). Sue had a fabulous wedding at Saint Patricks Cathedral and then a harbor cruise luncheon and reception as we cruised around New York harbor and the Statue of Liberty. A beautiful warm sunny day the day before Thanksgiving!!
Sue knew how to be a great friend. She was the organizer of our college reunions whether it be with our best girlfriends from Parmelee Hall and/or with George and his friends. Sue felt it was always important to stay in touch with her friends.and she did.
I was so proud of Sue in every way.
She was a loving daughter, loving sister and loving aunt to Joannie's children.
At 58 years of age, Sue was a true conqueror.she passed the NYC police academy training which is no small feat! She had rigorous physical requirements (pushups galore!), eye exams, gun shot practice, etc. I called Sue every week to encourage hershe had it nailed! She never relented, never gave up!
And boy, was Sue smart! She was also an attorney. Anything she set her mind to doshe did!

Dearest Sue,
I am devastated to lose you. I am so glad I visited with you last Fall and we enjoyed a day at the Bronx Zoo.of course, you were a member and we got to go to the exclusive lunch area. I will miss you this Fall when I plan to visitNYC will not be the same without you.
I will always love you. I will always miss you. I know you are at peace with your mom, dad and brothers. You will always live in my heart. You are dear loving friend.
You were the epitome of the word friend.

With all my heart,

Posted by: - , - October 15, 2019