Obituary of Ann Thorsten

October 12, 2021

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Ann Rutledge Sillery was born on April 20, 1941, in Newark, NJ to Al and Winnie Sillery. The eldest of three children, she grew up in Teaneck and Dumont, NJ with her parents, her sister Jane, and her brother Bill.

Ann attended Dumont High school, where she met her future husband Kenroy Thorsten. She then attended Eastern School and Marymount Manhattan College.

She and Kenroy were together for 54 years, traveling the world and sharing many many exciting adventures. They hitchhiked throughout Europe for four months and later lived in India, Thailand, and the Philippines for several years. They also traveled extensively throughout the United States. When not traveling, they lived in Manhattan. Professionally, Ann managed medical offices for many years.

Ann was a dedicated student of Siddha Yoga. While living in the Ashram in India, Ann was the head gardener, supervising a staff of 60. Later, she led the kitchen staff for Ashram's facility here in New York.

Ann was truly loved by all who were blessed to know her. Her joyful spirit, kind and compassionate heart, loving nature, and her sharp wit, and infectious laugh will be missed by all.

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October 23, 2021

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Blessings Ann you will be missed

Posted by: James Donohue - Brooklyn, - October 15, 2021

I met Ann and her sister Jane through my friend Gail Anderson. Since I do not live in New York and haven't for many decades, it's been a long time since I have seen Ann. But I still treasure the memory of a dinner the four of us had in NYC, at a restaurant whose name I do not remember. I well remember how much we all enjoyed being together. Ann and I exchanged Christmas cards and news over the years, so I always felt the touch of her spirit. The world is less bright with her gone.

Posted by: Allyson McGill - Vienna, VA - October 16, 2021

I loved Ann. She was such an understanding and unjudgmental person who wanted everyone to be happy and to have what they needed (a loving mate in particular). She was my seva supervisor in Amrit and she was so humble and ready to assist anyone who needed help. She sent us the most beautiful thank you cards after intensives, etc. and gave us beautifully designed quotes from Gurumayi. All my love and my blessings her as she moves even closer to God and to Kenroy in his grief.
Linda Heller

Posted by: Linda Heller - New York, NY - October 16, 2021

My deepest sympathy

Posted by: Linda Becker - Lodi, NJ - October 16, 2021

Who did Ann's hair in this picture? I want an appointment now. All I can really think of now is Ann's equipoise and grace. Ola, we would often greet each in the morning or afternoon when we came together to offer seva. It was just a real blessing to offer seva on her team. SMKJ.

Posted by: Ann Suveges - Fort Wayne, IN - October 16, 2021

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of Ann. May she Rest In Peace..

Posted by: Lois Bleckman-Folk - Palm Harbor, FL - October 16, 2021

Ann Rutledge Sillery Thorsten... You are forever in the memories of your classmates in
the Dumont High School Class of '59 ....

Posted by: - Dumont, NJ - October 16, 2021

Dearest Ann Thank you for your wisdom and love
You will be greatly missed

Posted by: Kathy Zolcinski - Williamsburg, VA - October 16, 2021

My fondest memory, besides working with Ann at Dr. David Andrews office, was a vacation we spent at my brother Tom's cabin in Grand Lake Stream, Maine. The time we tipped the canoe over and landed in the drink. Cooking our fresh caught trout on a campfire, bird watching, swimming, having to use an outhouse, we laughed so much that weekend my cheeks were sore! She was such a sweet, kind person. I'm so sorry for not staying in touch. What is amazing, four or five days ago I thought of Ann and Ken and was about to call them after a 20plus year radio silence and was interrupted...but she and Ken were on my mind! I think she was "making rounds".....I really do. My prayers go out to Ken, he must be devastated. I will be in touch this time. My heart goes out. All the best to one of the best!

Posted by: Anne GODFREY - Salinas, CA - October 17, 2021

Ken:I am deeply sorry to hear if the passing on of Ann. I prayed that she would get through the difficulty that she was experiencing but obviously it was her time to return home and no prayers can change that. I pray now that you will find peace and comfort.

Posted by: Andy Loiacono - Newton, NJ - October 17, 2021

Ann was a light in my life. I had the pleasure of meeting Ann and Ken some 33 years ago at the Landmark Forum and we have been friends ever since. This is such a deep loss for Kenny and for all of us. I will miss Ann's lit up smile and infectious laugh, May her soul rest while we miss her on this plain. Love, thoughts and condolences to Kenny and all who mourn.

Posted by: Jennie Kramer - Scarsdale, NY - October 18, 2021

Ann was and will always be a beautiful soul who lit up any room she walked into. I feel so blessed to have known her, and I will miss her lovely smile, her joyful spirit, and her kind heart. Sending love to Kenny and the whole family~

Posted by: Beth Johnson - Boca Raton, FL - October 18, 2021

To Ann's beloved sister and brother, Jane and Bill,

She spoke of you with pride and joy -- and her heart was always filled with love and kindness for you. "My sister Jane". "My brother Bill".

Ann taught us all.

Posted by: Joann Stanton - Bergenfield, NJ - October 18, 2021

Ann truely reflected light and love with a warm embracing hug. I think she uplifted everyone she met and made them feel they mattered. Ann was a special lady who will be missed by us all.

Posted by: Kim Glover - New York, NY - October 20, 2021

A Heart of Pure Gold

Thank you my dearest Ann for your golden heart.

So caring and thoughtful, overflowing with generosity and kindness, a zest for life, fun loving, genuine and sincere , an embodiment of selfless service - you were admired, loved and respected by all.

For each and every moment I had the great good fortune to spend with you - and for all the conversations and for all the laughs - my heart is grateful.

Your friendship - I will treasure, cherish and remember always.

My heart is deeply saddened by your loss. I love you so much.

May your beautiful soul Rest In Peace !

Posted by: Radhika Sridharan - Hurleyville, NY - October 22, 2021

Ann was a very special friend and confidant. We worked together for 10 years and knowing she was at the office always made me look forward to coming to work. She would listen so intently that she made you feel heard. She always had a funny story to tell, and I fondly remember always getting a good belly laugh whenever we swapped tales. She had a gift of making you feel loved and understood. She was thoughtful and generous in everything she did. I will miss her dearly.
My deepest sympathies,
Julia DiMeo

Posted by: Julia DiMeo - Midway, UT - October 23, 2021

On the spiritual path, it is common for seekers to try to attain the virtues of masters and gurus. However, some people just naturally possess those qualities, and Ann exhibited them in spades! For many years, Ann was the supervisor in the kitchen at the Siddha Yoga Ashram in New York City. In that capacity, she characteristically emanated warmth and her wonderful sense of humor. Her laughter mingled with the clank of boiling pots and sizzling pans and lifted all of our spirits no matter how intently we were focused on the job at hand. Even mistakes that happened during a time crunch were accepted by Ann with equanimity and with a lack of blame. At the same time, Ann was rigorous and disciplined in her personal expectations and would make sure on any Tuesday that all the food that was to be transported to the Center that night was ready to go and later offered beautifully during two seatings. Then, when many of us were on our way home, she would be transporting leftovers back to the ashram where she was sure to put them securely away. Ann welcomed everyone who entered the kitchen with respect, kindness, and (as mentioned above) her characteristic good humor and laughter. Truly, she was loved by all who had the good fortune to know her.

Posted by: Amy Belkin - New York, NY - October 22, 2021

Ann. A first cousin. A beautiful friend

Posted by: Shirley CooperLosak - Mt Arlington, NJ - October 23, 2021

Ann's powerfully calming presence, quiet leadership, and her ever present sparkle became a model for me, and I remember pondering, in a conundrum, what would Ann do? I will always think of Ann, and I will always be grateful and feel immensely blessed that I got to cross paths with her. Endless love to dearest Ken.

Posted by: Elizabeth S - New York, NY - October 23, 2021

Ann was an extraordinary and beautiful soul. She always emanated warmth, humility, and grace. She will be sorely missed. My blessing to her journey, and to her loving husband, Ken.

Posted by: Vidya Albrink - New York, NY - October 24, 2021